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August 2020

Introducing Alternate Covers

What does this mean exactly? It means there will be two covers for each issue. We are doing this so we can give more models the chance of being a cover model. All issues will still be able to be purchased digitally or physically.


We have been working very hard since we first launched. One of our dreams have been to be in front of thousands of people & become a household name. The Culture Magazine will be available at different outlets (Including Amazon, Kindle, Retail Stores) in the future. 


We have been getting a lot of requests from our audience to do interviews with models. They'd like to know more about the models we publish. We will be reaching out to models to make this happen. All interviews will be posted on our website under the "Spotlight" tab.


In the near future, we will offer monthly subscriptions to our audience. These subscription will include a digital copy of each issue we release and/or a physical copy mailed directly to you. You will receive the digital copy the day the issue is released via email.

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  • Excited for you and your endeavors…so glad to have seen the advertisement on FB…looking forward to meeting you in person…God’s richest blessings!

    FlyGuyIsaiah & Lady

    FlyGuyIsaiah & Lady

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